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<b>Witch Hazel + Tea Tree</b> <br/>Skin Toner
Witch Hazel + Tea Tree
Skin Toner
<b>Microneedling</b> <br/>Acne Patches
Acne Patches
<b>Volcanic Ash</b> <br/>Drying Lotion
Volcanic Ash
Drying Lotion
<b>Vitamin C</b> <br/>Exfoliating Gel
Vitamin C
Exfoliating Gel
Original Drying Lotion

Original Drying Lotion

Original Drying Lotion is a fast acting on-the-spot acne treatment that helps to eliminate blemish flare-ups virtually overnight. This trusting formula works by penetrating pores and treating acne-causing bacteria, ensuring smooth and blemish-free skin.